Grand Junction Park ↴
Visual Identity ↴
Brand Architecture, Brand Positionin, Art Direction ↴
Creative Direction: Elvira Barriga & Cristian Ordóñez ↴

Developed at Bruce Mau Design in partnership with Land Collective and the City of Westfield, Indiana ↴
Toronto [Canada], 2015

Grand Junction Park is a new, all seasons, multifunctional development proposed by the City of Westfield, Indiana, one of the United States most prosperous municipalities. The challenge was to create an inclusive and engaging visual identity, bringing all the neighbourhoods of the municipality around the park and its activities. Community involvement was key in developing the brand strategy and positioning. Interviews and workshops were conducted to get insights into the community’s expectations of the project. A playful graphic system was designed to enhance the democratic value of the park and its activities, the iconography at its core evolves and grows with the park.