Engineered Building Solutions.


Scope: Naming, Brand Strategy and Visual Identity

Founded in 1994 and formerly known as PEB Steel Buildings Co. Ltd., Pebsteel is a global company providing solutions for Pre-engineered Buildings and Steel Structures.

The team at Rice Studios defined a new name by abstracting the acronym P.E.B. and the noun Steel from the previous name, to form Pebsteel. A new brand strategy was crafted under the tagline “Engineered Building Solutions”. The new verbal and visual brand assets allow Pebsteel to communicate with a distinct tone of voice across all touchpoints.

The solution is a hard-working visual identity system that embodies the company’s purpose and vision, and empowers unity and resilience of its workforce.

Studio: Rice Studios
Creative Director: GregoryJewett
Design Director: Hélio teles
Design: Hélio Teles and Lim Nuel

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